Mobile internet startup AppyHigh to double headcount in 2022

Following a steep growth in monthly active users across its ecosystem of apps for every-day needs, Mobile internet technology startup AppyHigh is set to double its headcount in 2022. AppyHigh will hire close to a 100 people across roles in product, app development, data science and marketing by December 2022. More than 50 percent of the hiring will be towards product development, data scientists and engineering, including engineers skilled in Kotlin, Node.js, Python and Flutter.

The company has also launched #AppyHire, an internship-to-hire programme to groom fresh graduates from premier institutes into becoming full-fledged professionals. Efforts in this direction are to overcome the ongoing tech talent war which is an industry wide challenge.

By building global products based on the ‘digital hierarchy of needs’ of smartphone users, AppyHigh witnessed a monthly user growth of 10X in 2021. It’s mobile – first suite of productivity & utility apps as well as those focused on social media creativity and design saw doubling of users in the last 12 months, fuelled by a remote and hybrid work setup adopted by most companies across the globe.

Venus Dhuria, Co-founder, AppyHigh said, “As people skip the PC Era and move to smartphones, they are accessing the internet for the first time directly through mobile, resulting in rapid adoption of apps for everyday use. We foresee a massive need for innovative product development to enhance the experience of smartphone users. This will require fresh thinking and thus our internship to hire programme is a great way to bring younger talent on board so that the best of ideas come forward from a generation that is mobile native.”

AppyHigh’s aggressive hiring spree is fuelled by its ambition to capitalize on the Bharat growth potential, especially after India ranked as the second highest downloader of apps in 2021.

As per industry estimates, Indians spend close to 5 hours every day on smartphones, indicating a large dependency on mobile devices to meet every-day needs, from work to productivity to entertainment to social networking. 

Aneesh Rayancha, Co-founder, AppyHigh said, “Our #AppyHire programme is a great way to overcome the current challenges that the tech industry is witnessing due to a severe crunch in tech talent. The format also gives a chance to build talent from ground up and is a great way for those joining the workforce to build their confidence. It also paves way for employee loyalty in the long run.”

AppyHigh currently has over 100 highly skilled employees spread across its headquarters (HQ) in Gurgaon and its technology office in Hyderabad.  To attract and retain highly talented individuals, the company also offers various support programmes such as paid-for learning opportunities, a one-month paternity leave which is supplemented by a one-month work from home arrangement, a device ownership policy, a comprehensive health insurance scheme and period leaves as well. AppyHigh has adopted a hybrid setup at work with virtual knowledge cafés, fun sessions, and in-person token of appreciation including personalised letters of appreciation and gestures that are increasingly becoming critical to developing deeper bonds with employees in a remote set up.