Six common problems caused by poor window installation

The window is an essential prerequisite of any home; it provides a vent to release and seep air inside your home. Correctly installed windows add to the aesthetic and property value of the accommodation. A wrongly installed window can cause multiple problems. Hence, it is essential to seek expert installation services provided by reliable brands like Fenesta rather than relying on the old-fashioned techniques where carpenters installed the windows.

Wrongly placed windows can adversely affect efficiency and expenses, and hence it is necessary to understand the general problems and the solutions available. 

  • Alignment issues resulting in difficulty in opening and closing: Smooth opening and closing are essential requirements for windows. However, poor installation hampers this primary function. This issue often gets neglected in the beginning as a minor hiccup until it aggravates to stop the process. Jamming of windows happens primarily due to alignment issues. Alignment of the windows using a laser leveller prevents jamming. Installation experts from reliable brands like Fenesta use laser levellers for exact alignment, which removes the problems such as jamming. 

  • Formation of gaps between sills and frames: One of the primary signs of improper installation is gaps between sills and frames. It indicates that the measurement at the time of installation was erroneous, and as a result, the installer used inadequate materials, causing a gap between the parts. Installation services provided by reliable brands are free from this error. Their installation experts use laser meters to carry out measurements, and fabrication is done accordingly with sufficient materials to eradicate any chances of gap formation. 

  • Gaps resulting in water seepage: The gaps in windows do not just let the air in, but they also allow water to enter your homes. Gaps in windows generally lead to the formation of moulds on walls which can damage your paint or wallpaper. Experts use sealants such as silicon both on the inside and outside to remove the gaps. They also use Backer rods to fill the gaps and eliminate the chance of any seepage. Wrongly installed windows offer inadequate insulation against dust, noise and pollution. Avoiding them is possible with the help of expert installation services provided by certified and reliable brands.

  • Condensation between glass panes: Modern glass windows have two to three layers of glass. Insulated gases like Argon and Krypton separate these layers, which increase thermal insulation. Condensation on windows is normal during winters; however, if water droplets accumulate between the glass panes, it indicates an installation issue. Window installation experts can inject condensation eliminating chemicals between glass panes. The experts drill holes in the glass and extract air before injecting the chemicals. The experts seal the hole to prevent further condensation. Another way to get rid of the problem is by getting the glass panes replaced with Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) from window manufacturers like Fenesta.

  • Wrong product recommendation: Window installation problems often occur because of erroneous product recommendations. Homeowners who try to install the windows on their own seek the guidance of their local vendors, and more often than not, the product recommendations are wrong. Using inappropriate products leads to incorrect installation. It is in the best interest of property owners to seek advice and installation help from professionals who always advise the best products according to the requirements and install them with utmost care to eradicate any chances of improper installation.   

While DIY is becoming a trend among homeowners, window installation, unlike painting jobs, can lead to several problems and hence it is best to opt for professional help. Professional window installers understand the essential requirements and try to mitigate the problems caused by installation errors.