TCSRD partners with NABARD to create climate change awareness

Tata Chemicals CSR arm, the Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) along with NABARD recently sensitised the local communities of Mithapur about climate change and biodiversity through their climate change awareness program. It also organised a Biodiversity and Eco fair that witnessed participation of a total of 44 teams including 48 company employees, 114 school students and 84 Technical Training Institute (TTI) students.

The climate change awareness program was conducted in two-phases. First, the knowledge sharing workshop for rural students via both, online and offline mediums. Second, the Biodiversity and Eco fair exhibiting models of different themes of climate change and factors responsible for it.

The program was graced and addressed by Hon. chief guest Mr. Narasimha Kamath, Vice President (Manufacturing), Tata Chemicals. The knowledge-sharing workshop was conducted by Mr. Madhu Menon, Director, Anala Outdoor, Ahmedabad with Mr. Praveen Kumar, Manager, Marine Conservation Project, Wildlife Trust of India, and Mr. Satish Trivedi, Deputy Manager, CSR, Tata Chemicals. It also included discussions over local biodiversity, their ecosystem, changing pattern over a period of time and sustainability through actions. Post the session, a field visit was conducted with the speakers to understand the Ecosystem (Flora & Fauna), impacts of climate change and practices towards saving the planet.

“The threat posed by climate change to biodiversity is expected to increase, yet thriving ecosystems also have the capacity to help reduce the impacts of climate change. These workshops conducted by TCSRD and NABARD not only harnesses the knowledge sharing medium but also promote the resilient practices towards climate action. The goals of our initiatives are to preserve and strengthen the local flora and fauna. It is our constant effort to work towards developing the biological hotspot, creating ecological balance, and providing an undisturbed habitat for fauna and migrating birds” said Mr Nanda, Chief of HR & CSR at Tata Chemicals Ltd.

Apart from the workshops the program included scholarship distribution ceremony for students. A total of 74 students were awarded the affirmative action scholarship, that supports students of class nine to higher secondary from the unprivileged community. In addition to this, two special scholarships have been dedicated to the memory of Tata Chemicals visionary Chairman, Late Shri Darbari Seth. It provides financial assistance for higher studies to the students belonging to the marginalised community.  

Employees and non-employees were also rewarded and recognised for their efforts towards the community that involved volunteering in activities like tree plantation, biodiversity conservation, knowledge sharing, education, and many more.

Tata Chemicals has been constantly working to conserve local ecosystems over the years. As a result of its continuing efforts, the organization has been able to transform 150 acres of the barren land into the Biological reserve hotspot, 40 acres of which has been achieved during last year as a part of the Dry Deciduous Forest Development Project. This reserve preserves endangered plant species, flora, fauna and also serves as a refuge for pollinator populations, especially butterflies.