Urban Company’s free video consult for appliance repairs will empower women with knowledge and place control back in the hands of consumers

Every time an appliance breaks down, it causes a huge disruption in households coupled with women feeling anxious about the repairs and fixing it without affecting household schedules. There is a loss of control and helplessness about what to do, who to get it fixed from, how much it will affect the monthly  household budget.

Addressing this concern, Urban Company – launched free video consult services for consumers for all its appliance repair services, aiming to give the knowledge and power to run and repair their appliances at home. Senior experts with more than 15 years of experience in the appliance repair industry will provide free video consults to all Urban Company customers across India.

This, in turn, will help minimize the feeling of confusion or helplessness that consumers, especially women, feel at the time of any appliance breakdown at home and the disruption this causes in terms of cost of repair and time. This industry-first initiative will empower consumers with precise knowledge of the appliance repair process through accurate diagnosis and cost estimates, all via just one video call with a senior industry expert from Urban Company

A revolutionary move, Urban Company’s industry-first initiative is set to change the way the appliance repair industry operates, paving the way for a future where women are more self-reliant and autonomous. Since knowledge is power, the focus is on giving control back to women in the entire repair process. 

Video consultation is even more useful in the current situation when one is wary of calling anyone over or stepping out themselves. With expert guidance barely a click and call away, women will be able to gain back control of their routine and schedule, and therefore, continue to run their households smoothly.