Voltas Beko brings Wedding Wish list – Building Your Ideal Home for your new journey

The wedding season in India has arrived with full fervor with things getting back to normal. The elaborately planned lavish celebrations, multiple ceremonies, an array of cuisines, and larger than life guest lists are the highlights of a big fat Indian wedding. A lot goes into planning a wedding and while these preparations take off in full swing, couples are often left with little to no time to gear up for their life post wedding. While building your sweet home might not be on the top of the wedding wish list, it can often become a very challenging task if one does not plan it well.

Building your ideal home can be relatively easy if the couple works together to understand the dimensions of the house and the budget that they can allocate towards building their home. One of the easiest ways to start is by looking at home décor ideas online that contain a wide variety of home design ideas to suit your needs.

Creating a home design with help of 3D and 5D platforms can not only help you understand how various items can be placed but also create a blueprint that could be easily adjusted before the actual furniture and appliances arrive. Additionally, getting appliances that suit the need of your household is crucial part of planning a home. Having gadgets that are convenient and efficient is the need of the hour given the fast-paced lives today.

Now, that we have a vision, budget, and application at hand, let us move on to items that should be on your wish list to ensure your transition from your bachelor pad to “Happily Married” is seamless.

  1. Accents and Vibe: The primary reason why designing a couple’s home is tricky is because the partners can have different aesthetic preferences. Individual personality styles can often have a significant impact on the type of décor that makes them feel more productive, happy and most importantly – at ease. Hence purchasing home accents that are generally soothing should be chosen while the couple works on adjusting to each other’s choices. Dark lighting in shades of beige, white or grey can be used for double convertible sofas, coffee tables and wall units.  You can also decorate your walls with affordable art pieces and hangings to add a more personal touch to your living space.
  2. How to shop : Online Stores, offline local outlets, Art Exhibitions
  3. Budget required : INR 55,000-60,000
  • Your Geeky Gadgets: What’s better than having your reminders, information and appointments pop up in time without you having to check your To-Dos every other hour? Investing in gadgets like AI speakers and Smart Calendars can help you organize your life so that you don’t get overwhelmed with the tasks at hand. You can focus on creating ever lasting memories in your new home without having to use up much of your energy and time.
  • How to shop : Online Stores, offline outlets
  • Budget required : INR 3,000-5,000
  • Smart Appliances: Weddings are an exciting affair and can be equally exhausting too. It can be difficult to get a moment of rest while taking care of the cooking, cleaning and buying groceries frequently, while settling in your new home. Adding smart cooking appliances like microwaves with Voltas Beko AutoCooking™ mode, water purifiers, Induction cook tops and Voltas Beko StoreFresh ™ Refrigerators can help your transition into the new kitchen seamless and convenient. Moreover, you can cook yourself comfy gourmet meals without having to worry about piles of dishes which can be ticked off your list by the Voltas Beko Dishwasher specifically designed for Indian kitchens.
  • How to shop : Online Stores, offline outlets
  • Budget required : INR 55,000-100,,000
  • Lamps & Lighting: Every interior designer knows how perfect lighting can transform any place into a beautiful and cozy living space. Ceiling lights and pendants can make an apartment a very tastefully designed home as they add color and vibrancy to the walls and the furniture. The lights are also available in a variety of styles to suit your minimalist, Boho, Industrial or maximalist personality.
  • How to shop: Online
  • Budget required : INR 3,000 to 5,000
  • Your pots and plants: Customizing your house with vases and plants are one of most trendy ways to fill up your space without making it look messy and unplanned. Choosing décor items that blend well with your furniture can not only help you express your style but also make the house look put together. The finishing touches to any empty corners can be made by adding houseplants that do not demand much maintenance.
  • How to shop: Online, offline stores, local nursery
  • Budget required : INR 5,000 to 10,000

Keep these in mind, and voila, your dream home wish list is now ready to help you take your first step. The overall budget for above plan could be around INR 100,000- upwards and you might need to keep reasonable timelines to finish your house. If you have received some of these items as gifts, you can get creative and create a home design around them. You can also add a few items to gift registry that you might have for your friends. If not, many stores offer easy EMI and discounts to enable you buy products easily without having to spend a lump sum at one time. As our homes are our cozy den, it is worthwhile in making it a place where you can spend long hours, working, playing and creating beautiful memories for you and your family.