Want to Buy Alterity Therapeutics (ATHE) Stock? See This First.

Alterity Therapeutics was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 1997 under the name Prana Biotechnology. Focusing on treatments for neurodegenerative diseases, the firm hopes to disrupt current medical thought on these conditions, offering alternatives for patients with any prognosis. With offices in Melbourne and San Francisco, the company has been listed on the NASDAQ since 2002.

Step 1: Open up a brokerage account.

You must open a brokerage account when you are ready to buy and sell stocks. While creating your account, you need to share personal information for tax and identification purposes, financial information to fund your account and additional documentation as requested.

Step 2: Select your number of shares.

Decide how many shares you wish to buy using a combination of factors. Several things can tell you how many shares to buy, including:

  • Budget

  • Strength of the stock

  • Volatility of the market

  • Your position

  • Investment strategy

Step 3: Choose an order type.

Order types change depending on your strategy or the situation. The most common order types include:

  • Market orders buy and sell stock immediately

  • Limit orders require a limit (generally a stock price) to trigger a purchase or sale

  • All or none transactions are not completed unless you can get all the shares you requested

  • Immediate or cancel orders only go through if the transaction can occur immediately

  • Good til canceled orders remain open until you choose to close them

Step 4: Execute your trade.

After executing any trade, you should check your brokerage account for a change in balance or shares owned. Ensure that your account accurately reflects the transaction you planned and reach out to the broker if there are any issues. You can move on to your next trade in moments.

ATHE History

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